Our experience counts

Our Magic and Rigor
We believe passionately that finding Profound Answers is a result of hard work, intelligent planning and an understanding that inspiration can often be unexpected and magical. We know that asking the right questions will help us peel away the extra layers in order to get to what matters to people at the deepest levels. At PortiCo, we take pride in getting the real story from real people’s lives. And the real story defies expectations, provokes a questioning of one’s preconceptions, and often changes our clients’ outlook.

A Multi-Disciplinary Perspective
Our strength is in our multi-disciplinary team of social psychologists, cultural anthropologists, documentary film makers, and brand strategists who collaborate to design smart research, and actionable analysis. 

Our History
The Renaissance was a time of discovery and innovation, when people sought to understand and explain their world in new and meaningful ways. In fact, Michelangelo himself hand wrote the name of our company as it appears in our logo. 

The spirograph represents how our team approaches questions from different perspectives. Our answers are the result of examining and shedding light on complex dynamics.