What we do

An Ethnographic Approach
We seek to understand what matters to today’s consumer by probing the rich universe of people and communities. We map their world – including their emotional, cultural, psychological and behavioral triggers – and then translate that knowledge into viable market strategies.

PortiCo Research combines on-site observation and in-depth interviews to explore consumers in their natural environments, far from the artificial environment of focus group rooms or the detachment of quantitative surveyors. We venture out into people’s homes, their hearts and their world, visiting the spaces they inhabit. We interview target consumers as well as their family and friends, sharing adventures and worries, hopes and dreams. We get to know what matters most to them – all so we can advise clients how their brand can become more meaningful.

Specific Research Tools include:

  • Online Journals
  • Quant/Qual Synthesis
  • Social Groups
  • Media Usage & Observation
  • Retail Journeys
  • Segment Profiles